Artist Statement
Margaret Helen Parkinson paints because the process makes her  happy and painting is  a way of examining and expressing her core values.

Margaret paints animals—human and non-human.  Non-human animals show us the essence of life because they lift us from the familiarity of being human and direct us to life itself.  

Margaret's paintings speak to the spark of life that is the same in a cat, a goose, a pig, a chimpanzee, a hawk, a human.  Each species is different yet at its essence all life is the same.  Margaret strives for an honesty that celebrates commonality.

Margaret paints in watercolor and oils. She has studied with several teachers, believing that each teacher provides a specific view and facilitates unique insight into creativity.  Her teachers include Molly Hashimoto, Nana Bagdavadze and the fabulous Gini Lawson. 

Margaret's work is in public and private collections.